Is Dry Needling Right For You?

A modern application of therapeutic needling

Dry needling is done with extremely small needles traditionally used for acupuncture. They are strategically applied to joints and regions of pain to increase blood flow, promote tissue growth, and decrease pain. Here is a brief list of major conditions treated by dry needling. Consult your provider to see if dry needling is right for your issue.

  • Chronic pain
  • Trigger points
  • Knee arthritis
  • Stiff, tight muscles
  • Injuries that have healed poorly
  • Joint pain


We are introducing Dry Needling as a NEW service offered here at Cache Valley Chiropractic. For a limited time, dry needling will be offered as a service for only $25 per region!

Dry needling is a self-pay service that is an additional cost to any necessary exams or other treatments.

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